If you apply between the 1st-15th, you'll hear by the end of the month; if you apply between the 16th and EOM, you'll hear by the 15th of the following month.

Our camp volunteers are what make Experience Camps so special. They create the opportunities for kids to laugh and be silly, while also keeping them safe, both emotionally and physically. Most of our counselors live in the cabins with kids and interact with them throughout the day in activities, meals, and downtime. 

Volunteers must be available for the entire week of camp, plus a one day orientation the day before camp begins. All volunteers are thoroughly screened and subject to a background check before they can attend camp.

Responsibilities of a camp counselor include:

  • Being fully present with campers (no cellphones!), listening when they want to talk, and giving them space when they don't.

  • Singing, cheering or otherwise creating an energy level that is nothing short of contagious.

  • Finding a balance between the role of "friend" and "parent" that builds trust, but also boundaries and limits.

  • Teaching them, but also learning from them.

  • Instructing in some camp activity in which you have skills, such as basketball, soccer, frisbee, yoga, slacklining, cooking, fashion design, etc.

  • Making sure campers: brush their teeth, take showers, use appropriate language, resolve conflicts effectively, change their socks, make a new friend, create an environment of inclusion, sleep, eat, play, laugh, and have the best week of their year!

  • SO MUCH MORE! Are you up for the challenge?