Survival Bracelet Project

The Survival Bracelet project is one way that kids of any age can be part of giving back to others who can use a comforting gesture and a little support.

What is a survival bracelet?

Survival bracelets are woven from one long piece of parachute cord (sometimes 2), a strong and versatile fabric that can be used in countless situations, such as securing tents, strapping things together, as a harness, as a fishing line or even as thread to sew on a button. Worn as a bracelet, they represent each person's unique survival skills and the strength that is woven into each stitch.

Here's how it works:

  1. Order your bracelet kit(s). Each kit contains enough materials to make 20 bracelets. Kits are $25 each.
  2. When your kit(s) arrive, gather up some friends and start making bracelets! We'll provide instructions or you can see loads of videos on the different designs on youtube.
  3. From each kit, you sell 10 bracelets and 10 will be donated back to Experience Camps to be given to our campers. Suggested price per bracelet is $5-$10.
  4. Once you sell all of your bracelets, send us the proceeds by check, credit card or Venmo (@excamps).
  5. Send us the bracelets to be donated in the included self-addressed envelope.