Doing the things you love gets even better when it's for a good cause. Whether it's eating, drinking, playing sports, running, biking, or shopping, adding a dose of social responsibility makes it mean so much more! Read on for ideas on how to raise money and awareness for Experience Camps in your own way.

  1. Host a Cultivation Event: Invite your friends to your home, serve them wine and light hors d'oeuvres, and let one of our board members, campers, or volunteers tell everyone about camp. Good things will happen!

  2. Run/Bike/Walk: If you're looking for some personal motivation for your next organized run, bike, walk, tri, etc., consider setting up a personal fundraising page to raise money for camp to celebrate your efforts and accomplishments. Maybe that's the thing that gets you past mile 25. 

  3. Run an Event: This can be a lot of things. We have a Halloween Party where everyone pays a flat fee and proceeds go to camp. We have an art fundraiser where artists donate pieces of work that we sell. We have more traditional cocktail parties with silent auctions. Get creative with the next big thing.

  4. Go Greek: For you crazy college kids, get your fraternity or sorority involved. Every greek organization has a philanthropic requirement and we know your friends will get on board with this idea. Host a dance-a-thon, a tournament, etc. 

  5. <Your Idea Here>: We love innovative ideas and creative do-gooders. Call us to discuss!