5 Camps. One Mission. Let’s Do This.

October 1st - November 1st

What is Battle of the Camps?

A friendly peer-to-peer competition between camps to raise money and awareness for Experience Camps while showing your loyalty and passion for the camp you attend or volunteer at!

what do we win?

You might want to sit down for this. The winner of the Battle of the Camps will win a custom engraved Steve Hirsch mixing stick, an eternal symbol of ultimate BOTC domination.

How do we win?

Total points are calculated based on dollars raised and number of donations per team, weighted by the number of campers at each camp. (i.e. divide the total points by # of campers)

How Can i Help?

Join a team, share your story, ask your friends to donate! If you don’t want to set up your own fundraising team, you can even just send a donate link around to support the camp of your choice!

Weekly Challenges

Week 1: Building momentum

Most individual donors in first 24 hours: 100 bonus points

Share your story on social media. Tell people why you care. Tag 2 friends and mention @ExperienceCamps to be entered into a weekly drawing for and EXCAMPS SWAG BAG!

Week 2: Volunteer Week

Camp with highest percentage of Volunteer gifts by 10/13: 100 bonus points

Steve/Stephanie/Stevie Hirsch Challenge: 

  1. Make a milkshake using a nontraditional mixing utensil

  2. Tell your version of the legend of Steve Hirsch

  3. Drink the milkshake

  4. Nominate 2 others to tell the tale of Steve Hirsch

  5. Tag @experiencecamps on Instagram or Facebook

If you don’t do it in 24 hours, pay $60 to challenger’s BOTC page

Best utensil wins 100 points

Best telling of the Steve Hirsch tale wins 100 points (as determined by an independent panel of judges)

week 3: kids helping kids

Share on social media: “Why I Love Camp” tagging @ExperienceCamps to be entered into a drawing for SOME GREAT PRIZE

Week 4: late to the party

Most dollars raised this week per camp: 100 points

Largest individual gift this week (online or offline) - 100 points for your team

Week 5: Dress for success

Happy Halloween! Record a video appealing to your friends to make a donation IN COSTUME! Best fundraising pitch video wins an AWESOME PRIZE.