Experience Camps are lead by a dedicated team of professionals in camping, social work, finance, technology, and beyond. The key ingredient that is woven through our team is the passion each one has for summer camp and the life-altering experience it can provide.


Sara Deren is the founder and Executive Director of Experience Camps. Sara received her MBA from Columbia University and spent 12 years in the financial services industry before turning her full attention to camp. Experience Camps was founded on Sara’s, and her husband, Jon’s, desire to provide the camp experience to children who would not otherwise have that opportunity. She now uses her business background and love of camp to develop and operate Experience Camps, and to ensure that our campers enjoy the best that summer camp has to offer.


Josh Hahn has been involved in summer camps for more than 25 years, as a camper, counselor, administrator, and volunteer. He has served as Director of Manitou Experience since it's inception in 2009 and most recently on the board of directors for Experience Camps. Josh received his BBA from Emory University and spent 13 years owning and operating restaurants in Washington, DC. In 2015, Josh became the full-time Associate Director for Experience Camps, finally turning his true passion into his life's work.


Cara Allen is Clinical Director for Experience Camps and has a private psychotherapy practice in San Diego, CA.  She holds both an MSW and a Master of Management degree, is a licensed clinical social worker, and has worked extensively in bereavement for the past 14 years at Sharp Healthcare where she was awarded both Social Worker of the Year and the prestigious Sally Bruener Haugh Spirit of Caring awards.  Cara provides clinical supervision to aspiring therapists and has served as Experience Camps Director of Camper Services in California since 2014.  


You'd be hard-pressed to find a group of people as passionate and dedicated to a cause as this one. They represent industries from technology to metals, interests from surfing to art, and all have experienced the magic of camp first-hand. Many of our board members have also experienced their own losses, either as children or parents, and can truly understand the importance of the time spent at camp.

Bill Anderson - First Beverage Group

Todd Arky - Serial entrepreneur 

Sunil Arora - Arora Coaching

Wiley Cerilli - Good Uncle

Liz Eddy - Crisis Text Line

David Garlick - Pineapple Co. (Treasurer)

Will Gilmore - Gotham Machine

Justine Lelchuk - Deloitte Consulting (President)

Ben Luntz - Indicator Ventures

Aimee Skier - AMSkier Insurance

Aron Weingard - Weingard Wealth Management of Raymond James


Our Advisory Board is the icing on the cake of our board structure. These members represent leaders, experts and great minds in areas that add value and guide us through the key areas of our strategic plan.

Linda Alexander - We Are the Mighty

Jessica Alter - FounderDating

David Malenoir-Evans - Token

Valerie Bischak - Viacom Media Networks

Arthur Rosenberg (Attorney)- Kane Kessler

Darren Berger (Attorney) - Kane Kessler


Our regional RACs are made up of the dedicated volunteers who live in the areas we primarily serve.  They demonstrate commitment through their actions and deep involvement with Experience Camps on a regional and national level. They are innovative, inspirational, and pretty darn smart.

Atlanta/South Florida

Andy Blechman

Michael Green

Jon Hooshmand

Jesse Soffer

Seth Spiegel

New York City

Zach Bergman

Lisa Bernstein

Zoe Katz

Rahul Lakhwani

Kathleen Luther

Julia Budnick

Stephanie Channing

Jordan Rosenberg

Melissa Samuels

Joseph Sitzwohl

Max Zieger



Los Angeles

Sarah Blair

Marty Coffou

Dave Burg

Stacey Greenberg

Emily Herman


Shelby Glass

Charles Gualtieri

Jordan Jones

Ben Simon