Our oldest campers are invited to join our Leadership Program, to offer support to other campers and demonstrate the values and behaviors that we embody at Experience Camps. The Leadership Program consists of 3 years of gradual increases in responsibility.


LIT1s are campers who have finished 10th grade. They live in cabins with counselors and engage in many of the same activities as the rest of camp, such as instructionals, College League, bereavement activities, and campfires. They are mentored by their counselors, who organize discussions and activities around leadership themes. By the time campers become LITs, they have already begun to demonstrate the support and compassion that unites our campers. Through this program, they are given the opportunity to build on that support structure, as well as to understand the impact that they can have on people at camp and outside of camp. 


The LIT2 year is invitation-only for returning campers who have completed the LIT1 year. As a LIT2, campers build on the the leadership themes established in year 1, and begin to have more autonomy at camp. They live in cabins without counselors, however counselors are assigned to the cabin to check in, offer guidance, and make sure everything is running smoothly. They also facilitate their own sharing circle, something that is typically done by one our clinicians. This gives them the chance establish the direction of their sharing, and to proactively guide their own journey through grief. LIT2s also begin to supervise and assist younger campers with oversight by Directors. The Leadership team continues to be a strong influence in encouraging the campers to use their experiences and grief to define their paths using positive choices.


The final year of the Leadership program is the Junior Counselor Year. This is the first year that campers become counselors. They participate in staff orientation and live in cabins with campers. Junior Counselors teach instructionals, coach College League teams, and generally act in the same capacity as all of the other staff volunteers. Their evening activities are supervised by a member of the Leadership team, and they are given an extra level of attention in managing camper issues and scenarios.