Join Our Team

There are any ways to get involved with Experience Camps, and not all of them include sleeping in a cabin in the woods for 6 nights! Our organization is built on the passion, skills and expertise of exceptional people. If you are an exceptional person and want to get involved, here are some of the opportunities we have:

  1. Board of Directors - These are the people who determine the strategic vision of the organization and figure out how to make it happen. Best for people who are ready to seriously commit to the organization, have experience or expertise in key industries and disciplines, and have supportive personal and professional contacts.

  2. Regional Advisory Counsel - These are the people who are putting their efforts and energy into establishing roots in each of the primary regions that we serve. Best for people who want to use their time, resources, and commitment to develop partnerships and connections in their region to better serve the campers in those areas. Click HERE for more details.

  3. Advisory Committee - Advisors are invited to the table to provide professional expertise in a variety of disciplines that enhance the knowledge on the board and connections to key constituents. Best for people who have deep knowledge in their field (like a CPA or Thanatologist), and want to dip their toes in without taking on the fiduciary responsibility and time commitment of being on the board.

Low-Hanging Fruit

If you're looking for some quick and easy ways to show your support, we've got you covered...